Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pokemon TCGO

Hey everybody!

I know I'm a day late to getting to discussing this but there have been some news on he Pokemon: TCGO front. I took a look here today and got really interested in the Pokemon TCGO version of the game. I personally am a fan of kicking back with some friends and using the paper cards, but I think the online version is gaining traction!

+Ryan Albright mentioned in an earlier post that he would like to see the Pokemon TCGO codes for sale on the site to be e-mailed. I really like the idea, and want to hear from more about it! Please view the latest video in the Goblin Games series here - Nintendo TWLPIRBO Pokemon Black Version Ds (Google Affiliate Ad)

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

New Layout, and our first listed item!

Hey everyone, obviously the website has a brand new layout! It's all very exciting and all explained in the newest video here. I'd like to see some more comments!!! And feel free to be the first to purchase our listed item!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Poke'mon Challenge #2

Hey everyone, if you've read the comment thread from the last post you have an idea as to who won the booster pack. But here is another GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY!

I'm giving away 3 booster packs and a t-shirt to anyone  who can beat me in a game of Poke'mon TCG over webcam. It will be recorded and a lot of fun. Check out all of the details here on my Goblin Games' Youtube Channel.

The newest upload will spell it out a bit. Please comment either on the blog or my YouTube channel...


And tell me why you're going to be the one to beat me!!!!


Let's all go Vlogging!

Hey everyone! Late last night I made a decision to switch around the format of Goblin Games a bit. I'm going to use eBay to house my store for now until we really get rolling! Gotta keep youth alive right?

Watch out for later tonight... I'm going to pull a few cards from the new Plasma Storm set and I'm sure have plenty of thoughts on them.


 So, comment. :) - I promise the next one will be much more lively!

 (BTW, if anyone has any other card/hobby game suggestions or topics they'd like to hear about. Chime in!)


Friday, January 25, 2013

Wilfred, return!

Hello again all!

And thank you for joining us on the next installment of our journey. First and foremost I'd like to announce that TCG booster packs and boxes of your liking will soon be able to be ordered directly from the site! Be on the look-out for that.

Today though I'd like to talk about a combination from Boundaries Crossed that did not receive a ton of attention and when paired with the ever-mighty -

Yes, yes, we all know of Ammoongguss and Ninetales potentially dangerous combination ...but without a BOMB like Charizard, the deck just isn't complete. 

I'd like to hear from everyone interested in this topic...if you play Poke'mon and are up to the task. Build a deck based around the Ammoonguss, Ninetales, and Charizard combination and explain why it works!!!  (Submit a list of the cards added and how the deck is played given a perfect draw.)

After long consideration by a panel of Pokexperts, the winner will receive a free Poke'mon: Boundaries Crossed booster pack from Goblin Games and of course bragging rights.

Happy Deck Building - I decided to leave you with a shot of the best looking dog this side of the Mississippi. - Wilfred - 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

While browsing the interweb today I stumbled upon the preview page for the new Pokemon set being released: Plasma Storm. I've gotta say, I'm glad to see some of my old classic favorite characters being given some validity in the card game! Check it out

- In other great news, we'll be starting a new Youtube channel for Goblin Games and start video casting the business progress and video blogging some popular hobby topics.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

This being the first blog of Goblin Games, it will be short and simple...more of a test run than anything else. I'm really excited for some of the new card sets that are being released soon. I plan to carry all of them as soon as the store portion of the site is open. Does anyone have any thoughts on Wizards taking it back to Ravnica for this block? I personally love it. What do you think?